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no shit, there I was...

If you're  fighter Aircrew and can tell a good story, record it and share it! 

I'm looking for call sign stories (yours or someone else's) and "No shit, there I was..." stories. 

Anonymity offered to the guilty, but if your story is that outrageous then I may ask for the name of a bro or frau who can verify it.


NSFW content is fine, but I may be unable publish content that breaks the rules of my hosting platform(s) - YouTube etc. 


1. Go somewhere quiet - no one wants to hear your story with dogs barking, kids crying, or lawnmowers chugging in the background (jet noise is acceptable provided we can still hear you) 

2. Record the story on your phone (Apple iPhone users can use the built in Voice Memos app)

3. Email the file to

Please include your name, the unit you were in at the time of the story, and when it happened


And tell me whether you want to remain anonymous

If you can't get the technology side sorted but think your story is so damned awesome that it must be told, then email me at the address in #3 (above) and I'll set up a session with you. 


Call sign and NSTIW stories will be published as part of a special short-story series on the 10 Percent True podcast.

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